Violation of Residence Life Policies

The University believes that the development of a successful residential community depends on the willingness of its members to commit themselves to the common good of all. At times, this may require students to compromise individual preferences to maintain fairness and civility. 

In keeping with that belief, students are expected to understand and adhere to the policies, procedures and regulations listed in the Residence Life Policies. Therefore, conduct including but not limited to disruptive noise, possession of prohibited items, dangerous practices (e.g. tampering with a door locking mechanism), displaying signage, decor or other items in windows, as well as other conduct that violates University Residence Life Policies constitutes a violation of the Code of Student Conduct.  

Violations may result in the full range of disciplinary sanctions including warnings, fines and/or restitution, plus other administrative and disciplinary measures. Residence Life Policies may be amended during the course of the academic year as the University deems appropriate.