Student Organizations

Information concerning policies and regulations, formation of a student organization, publicity, fundraising, funding, room-reservations, facility use, etc, can be found in the Student Organizations Manual. All members of student groups /organizations must adhere to the policies and regulations detailed in the manual. Failure to do so subjects the group or organization to a maximum sanction of termination of recognition from the University. Copies of the Student Organizations Manual are available in the Office of Student Involvement, Dougherty Hall, Room 102.

Recognition will be denied to any organization which selects its members on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin. Active membership is limited to faculty, staff and officially registered students. Associate membership must be approved by the Director of Student Involvement. In order to be recognized as a registered organization and to use the name of Villanova University in its official title, a group should:

  1. Have at least 12 students who are matriculated and in good standing both academically and disciplinarily with the University,
  2. Function in accordance with a constitution and by-laws approved by and on file in the Office of Student Involvement.
  3. Comply with all University policies and regulations; with federal state and local laws; and with regulations of parent organizations as applicable.
  4. Accept responsibility for all financial obligations incurred and decisions made as an organization.
  5. Have an active faculty/staff advisor appointed for a two-year term approved by the Office of Student Involvement.

All organizations seeking recognized status on campus must undergo a formal recognition process that is delineated in the Student Organization Manual. In order to maintain official University recognition, organizations are expected to comply with guidelines in the Student Organization Manual.

These regulations apply to all recognized student organizations. Violations of  these regulations may be referred to the Dean of Students Office for resolution pursuant to the Code of Student Conduct.

A complete list of student organizations is maintained in the Office of Student Involvement. Students are expected to review the list prior to joining a student organization to ensure that the group is in good disciplinary standing.

Fraternities and Sororities must be formally acknowledged by their respective national organization, Villanova University and the Interfraternity Council/Pan-Hellenic Society as a legitimately functioning body in order to be considered a recognized student organization. Non-recognized fraternities/sororities may not organize or sponsor any event or activity that promotes or gives the impression or appearance that the non- recognized fraternity/sorority is a legitimate organization. Moreover, these non-recognized groups may not advertise, post, publish, solicit, rush, pledge, fund raise or assembly on campus. Such activities will be viewed as violations of University regulations  and those students engaging in this activity will be held accountable. Students intending to join a Greek fraternity or sorority should contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to ensure that this fraternity/sorority is in good disciplinary standing. Fraternities and Sororities must provide the University with a certificate of insurance evidencing the liability coverage their national organization has in place covering the chapter, naming Villanova University as additional insured.