Student Bill of Rights

Villanova University seeks to reflect the spirit of St. Augustine by cultivating an environment “that supports individual differences and insists that mutual love and respect should animate every aspect of University life” (University Mission Statement). Out of our collective pursuit of this ideal, we acknowledge that students at Villanova University have certain inalienable rights. These rights include:

  1. Right to reasonable notification of student responsibilities (i)
  2. Right to reasonable personal privacy (ii)
  3. Right to basic human dignity and to be respected as an individual
  4. Right to review one’s own official University records (iii)
  5. Right to peaceably assemble (iv)
  6. Right to form a student organization within the University guidelines
  7. Right to form a student government within the University guidelines
  8. Right to reasonable process as set forth in University guidelines
  9. Right to representation in the formulation of the University budget (v)
  10. Right to amend this Bill of Rights (vi)

Any student who believes their rights have been violated should notify the Office of the Vice President for Student Life or the Student Government Association, who will provide assistance.

i Students are expected to know the information contained in the Student Handbook (Bluebook), publications of their college, and other material made available to them by the University.
ii A student’s personal privacy should be maintained at all times unless the University has reason to suspect that a dangerous situation exists or that violations of University policy have occurred or are occurring. It is acknowledged that prior permission is not required. This right is not intended to conflict with the policies or procedures set forth by the Office for Residence Life.
iii While a student is guaranteed this right to review their own Official University student records in accordance with the Student Records Policy, the student is not guaranteed the right to copy them.
iv In accordance with the University’s regulations for On-Campus Assemblies and Demonstrations.
v Student’s representation exists through the Student Government Association as members or participants on relevant University committees. 
vi All amendments to this Bill of Rights must be passed by a 2/3 vote of the Student Life Committee of the Villanova University Senate before being submitted for approval.