Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct

Acts of sexual assault, sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct are violations of this Code of Student Conduct and Title IX, and may constitute crimes. More detailed definitions are set forth in the University Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy, in this publication, which is incorporated by reference into this Code of Student Conduct. Resources and accommodations are available to individuals who experience sexual assault, sexual harassment, or other sexual misconduct, regardless of whether a formal complaint is filed under this Code.

Sanctions imposed on persons found responsible for acts of sexual assault, sexual harassment or other sexual misconduct include conduct notice, verbal warning, housing status advisory, probationary warning, disciplinary probation, loss of campus residency, disciplinary probation with loss of privilege, suspension and expulsion. In conjunction with the sanctions above, students may be subject to one or more of the following other disciplinary measures: disciplinary fines; disciplinary residence hall room change; exclusion from University buildings; University events; intramural sports; extracurricular and residence hall activities; community service, restriction on housing lottery, no contact directives; Dean of Student hold on records; alcohol and drug education; anger and behavioral management classes; research and educational writing assignments; and other educational measures.