Posting Policy

With respect to informing the University community of various lectures and programs by means of posters or flyers, the following criteria have been established. Posters announcing an approved University or student group sponsored event will be approved provided the criteria set forth in this policy are met.

  1. All posters must be sponsored by a recognized University office or student group, whose name will appear on the poster.
  2. Posters that speak to issues contrary to the teachings of the Church may be posted, if the poster encourages intellectual discussion and unfettered inquiry of the issues.
  3. Poster approval does not imply University endorsement. Posters will be stamped by the office responsible for the student group. Campus Mission and Ministry, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Peace & Justice Education, Residence Life and Student Involvement may all stamp posters with their own stamps. Other University departments and offices, as well as non-student group posters will receive approval through the Office of Student Involvement. Approval stamps must include the notation “Approved for Posting - Approval Does Not Imply University Endorsement.”
  4. Posters will not be approved if any of the following apply:
    • The message asserts or implies official University approval of any viewpoints expressed.
    • The message offends community standards of good taste.
    • The message contains language or symbols which are abusive or demeaning to specific social groups.
    • The message denies respect for the dignity of individuals.
    • The message appears libelous.
    • The message encourages the sale or use of alcohol or promotes establishments selling alcohol.
    • The message promotes or facilitates any aspect of substance abuse.
    • The message encourages or seeks to incite specific illegal acts.
    • The message promotes goods or services sold for personal profit or which are sold by off campus persons or companies who are not sponsored by a University office or recognized student group.
    • The message promotes non-campus related activities of commercial sponsors. Posters promoting activities and events of other non-profit institutions and organizations may be approved in limited numbers provided they do not violate the other criteria listed here.
  5. Posters may be placed in designated areas only and never on painted surfaces, walls, glass windows or doors. Chalking including but not limited to the purpose of informing the University community regarding programs, events, or services is prohibited in any area on campus. Posting location guidelines can be found in the Office of Student Involvement in 102 Dougherty Hall.
  6. Student organizations or University offices who wish to hang banners on campus must be approved in advance by the respective office, department, or office representing the student organization. Banners can only be hung from Dougherty Hall, the Connelly Center (inside and outside), and between Sullivan and Sheehan Residence Halls. Banner space will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis by visiting the Office of Student Involvement in 102 Dougherty Hall. Groups are responsible to provide all needed supplies. Facilities management will hang banners for up to one week or approved period by Student Involvement. Please visit 102 Dougherty Hall for assistance in submitting facilities requests to hang banners.
  7. In the unusual circumstance of an appeal for permission to post, the student group will appeal to the Poster Policy Committee. The committee will be convened by the Vice President for Student Life for deliberation. A recommendation will be made to the Associate Vice President for Student Life for final adjudication. The committee will consist of the Associate Vice President for Student Life, Director of the Center for Peace and Justice Education, Director of Student Involvement, faculty member named by the American Association of University Professors, the Student Government President, and the editor of the Villanovan.

For additional information, also see the University’s Speakers Policy.