Personal Property, Insurance, and Personal Risk

Personal Property and Insurance

Villanova University assumes no responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of students’ personal possessions at any time, including those times when students are attending or absent from the University. Students are encouraged to inventory their personal possessions periodically, engrave their names on all personal possessions, record the serial numbers of personal possessions, and keep them in a safe place. Moreover, students are encouraged to obtain personal property insurance for their personal possessions. Students should understand that Villanova University’s insurance program covers only University property and does not extend to the personal property of students, even if the student resides on campus.

Likewise, the University’s automobile insurance applies only to vehicles owned, leased, or rented by the University. Damage to students’ personal vehicles while parked or driven on campus, should be covered by the vehicle owner’s personal automobile insurance policy.

Personal Risk

Students participating in University athletic or other activities do so at their own risk. The University assumes no responsibility for accident, loss, injury, or death resulting from such activities.