Parking Policies

Resident Students

It is the policy of Villanova University that only junior and senior resident students are eligible to park vehicles on University parking lots or parking areas.

Non-eligible resident students should not bring their vehicles to campus or park in the residential areas surrounding Villanova University. This practice causes difficulties for local homeowners and local township police. Students are encouraged to utilize public transportation (trains, trolleys and buses with stops at Villanova) in order to reduce traffic congestion. Students may also request a security escort for safety concerns.

Exceptions to this policy are made only for those with extenuating circumstances. Current and ongoing construction will greatly reduce the number of exceptions granted. To be considered for an exception to the parking policy, freshman and sophomore resident students must submit an online appeal to the Parking Office before the vehicle is brought to campus. The link for the parking request appeal form can be found on our website at

Documentation from a physician (including a detailed treatment schedule), or a University department (only credit bearing internships will be considered), should be mailed to the Parking Office and will be attached to your appeal for verification. NO TEMPORARY PERMITS WILL BE ISSUED UNLESS PERMISSION HAS BEEN GRANTED IN ADVANCE. This includes periods before and after holidays and breaks.

University parking privileges are non-transferable. The fraudulent use or attempted fraudulent use of parking permits is likely to result in disciplinary probation, fine and/or suspension of privileges.

For additional information please feel free to contact the Parking Office at 610- 519-6992, during normal business hours or visit our website


All commuting students will be permitted to register for a parking permit, providing they have no outstanding citations. All vehicles must display valid parking permits when parking on campus. Parking Permits are not transferable.

Motorcycles and Motorbikes

Only those students eligible to purchase a parking permit for a vehicle may purchase a motorcycle parking permit. The permit allows parking in the Main lots, Jake Nevin Field house lot (along the iron fence), and the Law School lots. No motorcycle or motorbike may be parked inside a building. Violations will result in towing at the owner’s expense, in addition to a fine. Additionally, miniature electric or gas powered motorcycles are not permitted on the campus. Call Public Safety  for additional information.

Parking Registration

Web based parking registration is available to junior and senior resident students and all commuting students by logging on to myNOVA and accessing NOVASIS/Personal Information/Register for Parking. Eligible commuting students who complete the form on line will have the parking permit price automatically billed to their student account. Parking permits are available for pick up during normal business hours in the Parking Office which is located in Garey Hall. Any questions regarding web based parking registration should be directed to the Parking Office at 610-519-6992.

Citations and Appeals

Violations of parking regulations may result in a citation and immobilization of said vehicle at the owner/driver’s expense, as well as the revocation of the owner/operator’s parking permit without refund. Fraudulent registration of a vehicle (the use of deception for unjust advantage) or display/possessing a manufactured parking permit may result in the issuance of a $500.00 citation, immobilization of the vehicle, as well as loss of parking privileges for one year. Such cases will also be referred to the Dean of Students Office. Individuals receiving a citation for inappropriate operation or illegal parking, must pay the Bursar’s Office either by mail or in person in Kennedy Hall, or may appeal the citation within fifteen (15) working days. Appeal forms are available on line at

Students are responsible for insuring their guests and visitors observe all University regulations. Acquaint yourselves with and observe all posted signs concerning parking on University property. For complete details on parking regulations, refer to the University Parking Regulations pamphlet available from the Department of Public Safety - Parking Office or by visiting our web site at:

If you have questions or need assistance during normal business hours, please contact the Parking Office in Garey Hall at 610-519-6992.

Immobilization (Booting) and Towing

Any motor vehicle operated or parked on campus which is in violation of parking regulations may be immobilized.

Vehicles immobilized pursuant to these regulations will be charged a fee of a

$100.00 for removal as well as $15.00 per day for each 24 hour period the booting device is left on the vehicle. Operators of vehicles that have been immobilized should not attempt to move their vehicle, since this may cause damage to the vehicle. Vehicles that have been immobilized may also be removed from campus at the discretion of the Parking Office.

Shuttle and Transportation Services

For your convenience the Department of Public Safety offers an on campus shuttle service. On-campus shuttle stops are designated by signage at various locations. For further information on shuttle services or schedules please contact the Parking Office or visit our web site.

All students are encouraged to utilize the campus shuttle service, public transportation and/or the Public Safety Escort Service as an alternative to bringing a vehicle to campus. There are two SEPTA train stations on campus: The R5 Paoli/Thorndale Regional Rail as well as the R100 Norristown High Speed lines. SEPTA trains travel to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia as well as the Philadelphia International Airport. Villanova students can therefore leverage a wide array of public transportation resources from campus property. In addition, several independently operated local taxi companies also provide service to the campus. On weekends, University shuttle services are available for students who want to travel to the King of Prussia Mall.