Misuse of Facilities

  1. Forcible entry, unauthorized entry, conspiracy or attempt at such entry into any building, student room, structure, facility or roof thereof, will most likely result in disciplinary probation or suspension.
  2. Unauthorized entry to or use of University grounds is likely to result in disciplinary probation and other disciplinary measures.
  3. Unauthorized use, conspiracy or attempt at unauthorized use, distribution, duplication or possession of any key(s), access code(s) or access card(s) issued for any University building, laboratory, facility, room or elevator will result in disciplinary action.
  4. Entry or attempted entry of any University residence hall after closing for breaks or after the scheduled visitation hours, except by residents of the hall through appropriately designated doors, will result in loss of campus residency, suspension, or other disciplinary measures.
  5. Propping open or otherwise tampering with any door in an attempt to defeat the closing or locking mechanism, or attempts to circumvent the security of doors may result in restitution, and/or disciplinary or housing sanctions, including the loss of campus residency.
  6. All community members are expected to use doors designated as “Exit Only” and ”Emergency Exit Only” for only these purposes. Opening ‘exit only’ doors to provide access will be considered a violation of the Code.
  7. Tampering with, in any way, a Wildcard access reader or supporting equipment, (door latches, wiring, alarms and/or security boxes) will result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension, the loss of campus residency, community service, fines and/or responsibility for restitution.
  8. The misuse of bath and/or shower rooms is prohibited.