Initiating a Complaint

Any person who believes that a student has violated the Code of Student Conduct may file a report with the Dean of Students Office, the Department of Public Safety, or with the Office for Residence Life.

Dean of Students Office
Dougherty Hall
Room 213
(610) 519-4200

Department of Public Safety
Garey Hall
Ground Floor
(610) 519-6979

Office for Residence Life
Stanford Hall Ground Floor
(610) 519-4154/4155

The individual filing the report is referred to in this Code as the Reporter. The individual who is alleged to have been subjected to the misconduct is referred to as the Complainant. In some cases, the Complainant and the Reporter may be the same person. The University may act, in its sole discretion, as the Complainant through a designated staff member or members. After the report is made, the Department of Public Safety investigates the report, as necessary. If a complaint is filed, and once the investigation is complete, the Dean of Students and/or their designate (Conduct Review Administrator) will review the complaint and determine whether or not, if proven, the allegations would constitute a violation of the Code. If so, the Complainant will meet with the Dean of Students or the Conduct Review Administrator to review the complaint and to discuss the procedural options for resolution. In cases where it is determined the allegations do not constitute a violation of the Code, supportive and/or educational measures may be implemented at the discretion of the Conduct Review Administrator. 

This meeting will take place promptly after a complaint is filed.

The individual complainant could:

  1. Request the University to pursue resolution under the Code of Student Conduct; and/or
  2. Make a report to the police department with jurisdiction; and/or
  3. Make a statement for the record with the Dean of Students Office, Department of Public Safety, or the Office of Residence Life.

The individual Complainant will normally have three business days after this meeting to decide whether or not to request the University to pursue the complaint, although exceptions to this timeline may be granted in the discretion of the University. The University and its Conduct Review Administrators reserve the right to exercise discretion on when and how to resolve a complaint, and in taking disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct.