1. In an effort to provide adequate security for the members of the University community, every student must carry an identification card (Wildcard) issued by the University.
  2. Upon request, students must surrender their I.D. card to authorized personnel, (e.g., Public Safety Officers, Dean of Students, Residence Life Staff,    or other University Officials). Students must provide accurate information and must comply with the directions of such officials in the performance of their duties. Furnishing false identification to a University official is likely to result in a minimum sanction of disciplinary probation plus other disciplinary measures.
  3. Tampering with or falsification of the student I.D. (Wildcard) is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Students found responsible for such a violation are subject to a conduct notice and fine up to disciplinary probation plus other disciplinary measures. Flagrant violations may result in suspension.
  4. Students may not lend their I.D. (Wildcard, driver’s license or any other form of I.D.) to other students for purposes of falsely identifying that per- son, meal exchange, library usage or for another person to gain access into a residence hall or University building, or sporting event. Students found doing so are subject to sanctions listed in this Handbook.
  5. Possession of an identification card that falsely identifies a student by name, age, date of birth, or photograph may result in disciplinary probation, plus other disciplinary measures.
  6. Producing and/or distributing identification cards that falsely identify a per- son by age, date of birth, or photograph may result in suspension or expulsion.