Fire Safety Policies

  1. Tampering with, misuse of, attempt to or conspiracy to misuse firefighting equipment (extinguishers, smoke detectors, alarms, or exit signs) will result in disciplinary probation and an automatic $500.00 fine; it may also result in loss of campus residency plus other disciplinary measures.
  2. The intentional misuse of or conspiracy to misuse any fire alarm system will result in suspension, as a minimum.
  3. Propping or otherwise tampering with the proper operation of fire doors, or exiting through “emergency exit only” doors in non-emergencies will result in a $300.00 fine and other disciplinary action.
  4. Alarms: Students may not disregard a fire alarm or refuse to evacuate a building in which an alarm is sounding, regardless of its nature (drill, false alarm or actual alert). Residents who fail to evacuate a building in a voluntary and timely manner will be subject to a minimum fine of $100.00 and other disciplinary action.

Please refer to the Residence Life policies for additional fire safety regulations concerning on-campus residence halls and apartments.