Dining Services

A Registered Dietician is available to students to discuss nutritional needs and special dietary requirements. Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Fair Trade options are available in all dining locations. Visit the Villanova Dining Services website for more information. Stop by the Meal Plan Office in Dougherty Hall Room 106 or call 610-519-4170 with questions concerning special dietary needs.

Meal plans are required of all students living in traditional residence halls. First and Second year students residing on campus are required to purchase a meal plan. Meals in residence dining halls are offered on an unlimited basis, therefore meal privileges are not transferable, and food may not be taken from these facilities. For more detail, please refer to the Code of Student Conduct - Compliance with Dining Services Contract, other publications by this department, and the Dining Services website:  http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/services/dining.html

Failure to abide by dining regulations, including, but not limited to engaging in food fights, other disruptive or disrespectful behavior, transferring meal cards, removal of food or utensils will result in a range of sanctions involving suspension of dining privileges up to and including suspension from the University.