Creating a Community of Respect


As members of a Catholic and Augustinian University, each Villanovan is responsible for creating a community, where mutual love and respect for individual differences guide our community life.

Community Ideals:

As a member of this community

  1. I work to create a welcoming community where the dignity of each per- son is valued and respected.
  2. I am committed to an educational environment where teaching and learn- ing are at the center of who I am and what I do.
  3. I embrace selfless action in the interest of the common good with integri- ty, compassion and humility guiding my decisions and behavior.
  4. I acknowledge that respect, justice and love define us as a community and are the standards by which I measure the success of my interactions.
  5. I contribute to the community through active participation in campus life and service to others.

I acknowledge that Villanova University’s Catholic and Augustinian identity calls me to integrate these ideals into my daily life.

Maintaining these community ideals is the responsibility of every member of the University community. Students, staff and faculty should, through their behavior, reinforce the ideals expressed in this document and encourage all members of the community to do likewise. In support of this, the Office for Intercultural Affairs assists the community in providing an inclusive educational experience grounded on Augustinian principles. The Center’s task is to promote a respectful environment, intercultural awareness and community outreach.

Office of Intercultural Affairs
Dougherty Hall

When these ideals are not upheld, each person in the community is affected and the value of every member is diminished. In situations where adherence to these ideals is in question, the following resources are available and are responsible for resolution of concern and complaints.

Violations of the Code of Student Conduct
Dean of Students Office, 213 Dougherty Hall

Instances of Discrimination or Harassment in On-Campus Employment Department of Human Resources

Additional Resources for Instances of Discrimination or Harassment

Sexual Harassment
Kathleen Byrnes
202 Dougherty

Affirmative Action
Raymond Duffy

See also Title IX Notice at: