Child Abuse Reporting Policy

Any student of Villanova University who has responsibility for a child as an integral part of a program, activity or service sponsored by the University or comes into direct contact with a child as part of their employment with Villanova, and has reason to believe that the child has been subjected to child abuse, must report the information to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (“DHS”) toll-free ChildLine at (800) 932-0313. A child is any individual under age 18. Proof that abuse or neglect occurred is not required, and any uncertainty about whether to report suspected abuse or neglect should be resolved in favor of making a report. Within 48 hours of making a verbal report, the student must follow up with a written report to DHS or the county agency assigned to the case and provide a copy of the report submitted to DHS to the University’s Public Safety Director and Chief of Police (610-519-6982; or, in his absence, the Executive Vice President (610-519-4532; For additional information regarding what is meant by “child abuse” and the obligation to report child abuse, see the University’s Child Abuse Reporting Policy or contact the University’s Public Safety Director and Chief of Police (610-519-6982;